The ability to create and express is one of the best parts about being human. Both lettering and design have become my life’s calling and I would love to share it with you.

I create artwork that is meant to inspire both myself and others. I like getting messy and having fun with my projects, whether it’s a drawing on a leaf or paint on the side of a building. Together, what can we make next?


Collection of Work


Lisa Quine is a Creative Consultant with a concentration in lettering, design, and mural services.

She spent 6 years as an Art Director in the fast-paced world of advertising before leaving to start her own business doing what she loves: lettering and designing.

In the Fall of 2018, she was chosen by the city of Cleveland to fly over to Rouen, France and collaborate with local artists on a mural to celebrate 10 years of the two cities being "sister cities".  

When she's not busy painting a wall or lettering on her iPad, Lisa can be found hiking with her husband and puppy, making new friends at conferences, or more realistically, relaxing with a good old Netflix binge!



Target, Kohl's, StubHub, Harley-Davidson, Hilton Hotels, American Greetings, Lake Coloring, Pinecrest, the City of Cleveland, Findaway, Food for the Hungry, the University of Michigan, Ohio Desk, and the Cleveland Flea.

Work Experience

  • 30 Completed Murals in 2018

  • Coloring Book Packet on Lake Coloring App

  • Keynote Speaker at the National Student Show and Conference

  • Keynote Speaker at the WMC Fest

  • Art Show Exhibitor at Arts West Gallery




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